Teaching children to be kinder to animals today, is our only hope for a kinder world tomorrow.


TNR Qatar offers an animal welfare presentation for schools, community groups, or local organisations.  Our 30-minute presentation on community cats covers Trap-Neuter-Return and the importance of spay/neuter. The presentation is customised for the age group who we are presenting to.

Raising awareness is extremely important and changing peoples perceptions of how they view the community (street) cats who live amongst us in Qatar.

If you would like to book our presentation for your organisation, please submit the below form. We offer the talk free of charge, we just ask for cat food donations to help feed our TNR colonies.


Educating the young is such an important part of animal welfare, children are the key to a better future for animals.

A dedicated group of volunteers working to improve the lives of the street cats in Qatar.

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