We welcome correspondence from fellow animal lovers and animal welfare supporters, if you have any questions regarding Trap Neuter Return we are more than happy to advise, if you have cats you would like to spay/neuter in your area, please read our SET UP GUIDE where there is lots of advice and details of veterinary clinics offering reduced rates for TNR.

Unfortunately, we cannot personally come out to trap and neuter every cat people see, sadly there are endless cases in Qatar and we are only a team of volunteers doing our best under difficult circumstances. We will assist when possible, however, we work on many TNR projects across Qatar, manage TNR colonies plus are out trapping and fixing every week. Together we hope we can make a difference and show that TNR works.

Please note we don’t have an animal shelter, our work is done “on the streets” therefore, unfortunately, we don’t have the facility to take in any animals. Please see our USEFUL LINKS page for a list of animal shelters in Qatar.

A dedicated group of volunteers working to improve the lives of the street cats in Qatar.