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How many times in life can a cat be abandoned and left on the streets? Well in Bob’s case we know it is at least twice.


We believe he started life as a pet, however when his owners left the compound Bob was put outside and left to fend for himself. He then befriended some people who had moved into the compound and lived with them; he had his own bed inside and food in his belly. Then they left the compound and poor old Bob ended up dumped back on the streets yet again!

He then turned up on my doorstep because he was hungry and needed a friend; unfortunately I already have two cats (one who isn’t friendly with other cats) so he couldn’t come inside but providing some food for him was the least I could do. But Bob needs and deserves a home of his own, he sits looking in through our patio doors crying to come in – it is just heart-breaking. If I sit outside he comes and curls up on my lap!


Unfortunately Bob has tested positive for FIV, so he urgently needs a loving indoor home where he is the only cat (he doesn’t share well). FIV cats can live long happy lives but do need to be in a protective indoor environment – not in a garden with the extreme 50 degree heat in Qatar in the summer.

Can you finally give Bob his happy ending? He can’t stay on the streets.

He isn’t the most handsome, he has a swirly broken looking tail and a very low meow as if he has a sore throat but he is the most loving sweet guy around. He is only about 2 years old; he loves to chase a ping pong ball around the garden. Please can someone finally give him the home he deserves! Wherever you live in the world, we are willing to cover all costs to send him to you. He just wants a chance.

  • Age:  2 years old
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Spayed/neutered: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Doesn’t seem scared or bothered by them.
  • Good with children: Yes
  • RATT tested – started the process.
  • Nature: Outgoing, confident and very affectionate. Has never scratched or reacted badly to anyone – not even the vet!

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